Bluetooth Scanner

Once you have performed the necessary steps listed above you may continue with installing the program to your computer.

  • 1.) Click on the link below to download the scanner program to your computer.

  • 2.) In the dialog box that appears click on “Save”.

  • 3.) Go to the folder where Windows saved the download and double click on “btscanner” (NOTE: In most cases Windows will save the downloaded file to the “Downloads” folder unless otherwise specified).

  • 4.) Right Click and click on Open containing folder.

  • 5.) The file will be save on your “Download” folder.

  • 6.) Drag and move the BT scanner file from your Download folder to your desktop.

  • 7.) Minimize all the windows open on your screen to see the BT scanner file on your desktop.

  • 8.) 8. Double click the BT scanner icon. A dialog box will open, click on “Run”.

  • 9.) 9. Then click on “Unzip”.

  • 10.) Click OK once dialog box will says “ File unzipped successfully”. Then close the dialog box.

  • 11.) Then you will see the BT scanner folder on your desktop. Open it.

  • 12.) Click on BT install then allow.

  • 13.) Click “ This program installed correctly”.

  • 14.) Click on the BT scanner.

  • 15.) The program will open. Click on File, then OPEN.

  • 16.) Type in the target number you want to spy on, then click OPEN.

  • 17.) Click on START. Then the scanning will begin to to give you the information.

  • 18.) Status pane will read: [USR]0.00.00 Scan started.

    It is recommended that you scan anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to establish a connection with the target phone. In some cases it may be necessary to perform multiple scans before a successfully connection can be made. Once a connection is established with the target phone any viewable data will be displayed in the Bluetooth Scanner window.

    Additionally we recommend the use of a Bluetooth dongle to make scanning more powerful, more reliable and to maintain a more secure connection once a connection is established with the target phone. You can purchase a Bluetooth dongle at just about any electronics store for around $10.00.

    For troubleshooting issues with the Bluetooth Scanner CLICK HERE

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